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May 26th Media Class:

May 20th Media Class:

May 10th Media Class:

Click HERE  to watch a video about how to evaluate websites using the R.E.A.L. method.  

Read the URL.  .org, .gov., .com, .us, ~, .blogspot
Examine the site's content.  Is their bias?
Author and publisher.  Who published this website? Do they                 provide contact information?
Look at the links.  Check forward and backward links.                                                                   (type "link:website name" in browser window)

Today you will evaluate the following websites.  Using your website evaluation sheet determine if the following websites are useful sites for research.

When are my 4th grader’s library books due??  

  • Dec. 4

  • Dec. 16

  • Jan. 6

  • Jan. 19

  • Feb. 1

  • Feb. 11

  • Mar. 2

  • Mar. 14

  • Mar. 24

  • Apr. 12

  • Apr. 22

  • May 4

  • May 26 (LAST DAY to turn in books for the year)