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About Us (CPF)

About the Congdon Park Foundation

The mission of the Congdon Park Foundation is to obtain funding to provide academic enrichment through school programs and activities for students at all grade levels at Congdon Park Elementary School in Duluth, MN.   The Foundation was established in 1998 and is governed by a board of directors made up of concerned citizens, parents, staff and former students.  The Foundation is constructed as an endowment to maintain and support a comprehensive educational program with the goal of providing academic enrichment to the maximum number of students through requested educational programs and opportunities.  Each year a % of the raised  and invested monies are granted to fund programs or provide schoool equipment.

Congdon Park Elementary School  *  3116 E. Superior Street   *   Duluth, MN 55812   *  congdonparkfoundation at gmail.com

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