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On this page, you will find answers to your questions for Congdon Administration and Staff.  Of course, if you have a specific question that should be directed to an individual, please contact that person directly through our School Staff Directory under About Us.  This is the place where you can ask a question and get an answer.  At the bottom of this page, you will find a form for asking a public question.  Look for a public response quickly.

Q:  How can I find out more about the new report cards?  

Q:  Why does my first grader need an email address?  
A:  All students, K-12, are given a Google username and password.  In third grade, students start using their gmail and are taught ethical and effective use of email within a filtered and guarded online environment.  Before then, some teachers may have students log into Google to save their work in their Google Drive Folders.

Q:  How does the new PE day work?
A:  Students have two 30 minute PE periods and one 45 minute period in each 8 day rotation.  Our new PE Teacher will be introduced soon.

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