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Easy Ways to Earn $$ for Congdon

Clipping Box Tops for Education is one of the easiest ways you can earm money for Congdon Park School.  Each Box Top you clip from participating products earns 10 cents.  There are over 250 products that carry the Box Top label from companies such as General MIlls, Betty Crocker, Ziploc, Totinos, Old El Paso, Scott, Green Giant, Yoplait, Hefty and so many more.  To see a list of products that qualify CLICK HERE

What do I do once I have clipped the Box Tops?  
1)    Put Box Tops in a sandwich baggie or envelope and send to school with your child to turn in to the office
2)    Print off a 50 BOX TOP COLLECTION SHEET, or a 25 BOX TOP COLLECTION SHEET  glue or tape the Box Tops to the page.  Send with your child to school.
It's just that easy.  Start clipping today!

UPDATE January 2016 – Thanks again to all who have dropped off Box Tops in the last six weeks.  Since the Fall submittal deadline, we have been able to submit another $155 worth of Box Tops, bring our yearly total to around $890!  The holidays are a great time to clip Box Tops from lots of holiday treat packages and to get aunts and uncles and grandparents to help save Box Tops as well.  Remember Box Tops expire so better to turn them in regularly than to save until a bag or envelope is full.

NewPage Collection
Have you wondered about the large bright green dumpster in the parking lot?  Congdon Park is a collection site for NewPage, a recycled pulp mill in Duluth that recycles nearly 1 million pounds of recovered paper each day.  We ask our Congdon Park families and community members to save the glossy paper inserts that come in your newspaper, magazines and white paper and put them in the NewPage dumpster.  For every pound of paper we collect we receive 10 cents.  

Please do not put brown paper bags, wet paper, boxes or colored paper in the dumpster. Our goal is to fill the dumpster at least 12 times per calendar year. The monies raised from NewPage go to support the programs implemented by our Environmental Concerns group, including starting a composting program at Congdon, real silverware and a school garden.

Keep those catalogs coming!   Please recycle unwanted catalogs, along with magazines, glossy

ads, white paper in the Green New Page Dumpster located in the small parking lot along Greysolon Place. It's a great way to quickly fill the dumpster while earning money for the school garden and other green efforts.  Please no boxes, brown/plastic bags.

Have a set of lights that isn’t looking so festive anymore? Congdon will collect unwanted and defective holiday lights so they don’t end up in our landfills.  The lights will be donated to Habitat for Humanity ReStore for resale or recycling.  Proceeds help build more Habitat homes in the community. The collection bin will be in the atrium near the office.

Did you deplete any inkjet printer cartridges on your 10-page holiday letter this year?  Bring your empty inkjet (NO LASER CARTRIDGES) and recycle them at Congdon.  Last year we were able to earn almost $100 by recycling inkjet cartridges.  Container outside the office.